GB Corner

Hello Guys,

A new week has just started and I am still thinking of my last visit at my favorite and the most renowned corner of Athens, the GB Corner! As you can imagine, I reffer to the recently renovated GB Corner Gifts & Flavors ,at the Grande Bretagne Hotel, just in the heart of Athens!

There you can be able for unique shopping and gift ideas, as there is a variety of selection of GB Products, greek handmade fashion clothing  and international brands like one of my favorite, Brunello Cucinelli (click here for more).

At GB Corner Gifts & Flavors you can  also find an exclusive variety of indigenous delicacies by French Pastry Chef Arnaud Larher. Arnaud Larher creates "signature desserts" for each season whereas the award-winning chocolates, macarons and desserts will be available from Paris directly to the GB Corner Gifts & Flavors store all year round.

I was totally confused about which dessert I will choose, because all of the them looking so tasty!So I decided to choose 2 of them.One with Chocolate and one with Lemon Cream!

  • LE TARTE CITRON : Breton shortbread pastry, lemon cream with candied lemon zest and merinque citron.
  • LE CASSE NOISSETE: Airy hazelnut praline mousse with hazelnut meringue and caramelized hazelnuts

See the album of my visit!