Wella Professionals Box


It's Monday today and , as most of you saw on my Insta Stories , today I recieved my big box with some hair products from the experts of Wella Professionals! It took me so long to find the perfect hair products which would fit on my needs and be so helpful not only for my daily hair routine, but also to a specific hairstyle for a blog's photoshoot! I know that for  most of you can't find which products fits exactly to your needs, so I decided to show these Wella Professional hair products  in order to help you to find the perfect one for you!

  • the SHAPE ME from the EIMI series of Wella Professionals.This heat-activated hair gel formulated with memorising polymer complex helps to shape or blow-dry hair the way you want and keep the look up to 48 h!
  • the DEFINED STRUCTURE  from the SP series. This medium holding styling cream can add a definition and a a structure to any hair style. The mouldable cream is reworkable, making it possible to tweak and change up your style throughout the day!
  • the MAXIMUM HOLD EXTRA STRONG GEL also from the SP series. As you can imagine is a totally strong gel  which create a hairstyle that defies the gravity!This gel gives your hair the maximum hold you require with ultimate control and styling definition! 

Except from the above, they also sent me 3 products from SEBASTIAN Professional which was make feel like I have a Professional Hair Saloon in my house!

  • the RESINTEK. A moldable liquid sap, enriched with carnauba wax, igniting hyper-relectivity with infinite , remoldable hold!
  • the ERUPTEK.A lava-like paste compounding the heat and energy of a volcano. Eruptek detonates on contact with hair for expansive volume and extreme clouds of texture! 
  • the CRAFT CLAY. A remoldable matte texturizer. Infused with earth minerals to separate and restyle texture- for remoldable styles with matte finish and natural hold!

I am sure that you found the perfect one for you!!